Lee teaches painting workshops for various art organizations around the country. For more information, contact Lee at leekromschroeder@cox.net

This is a unique and exclusive opportunity for you to meet Lee, get to know him personally and paint with him on the art-vacation trip of a lifetime.


Twelve lucky people will enjoy being part of an elite group of artists to travel and paint with a world-class artist for nearly two weeks.  We’ll be painting on location with Lee Kromschroeder in one of the most incredible and exotic places on earth – Australia.  You won’t feel like “one of the herd” on this trip as the group is limited to just twelve people.  You’ll get personal one-on-one access, instruction and constructive feedback on your work every day we paint.


A small, intimate group like this means that everyone gets maximum time and the highest quality instruction and feedback.  We’ll be doing plein air painting in unusual and unique locations on our trip. Lee will be there to help you personally with techniques, composition, and sharing tips and tricks that made him a world-class artist.   You’ll be amazed at how your skills will improve and your art will naturally evolve to the next level.  AND…you’ll be loving every minute of this trip because you’ll be traveling and painting in the most exciting and beautiful locations on the planet!



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